Portraits and Candid photography

Yellow Gell in the city
Photograph Instagram Model Mallary Becker. The concept idea of working with vinyl against the industrial city of Detroit
Pink Gel in the City
Photograph Instagram Model/MUA Rachel Sarkody. The concept idea of working with vinyl against the industrial city of Detroit
Up in Smoke
Photographed Instagram Model Dana Kopp around Detroit, Michigan.
Glam Rock Beach Engagement
Photographed a stylized engagement shoot at Belle Isle Park, in Detroit Michigan.
Morgxn in A2
Graffiti Alley
Photograph Instagram Model Lydia (@lydtcaroline)
Dancing in the Woods
Self-portrait series where I photograph myself in the middle of the woods in Hell, Michigan.
Toy Are For Us
Afternoon Drinks
Pink Hour
Sunday Morning
Photograph Model Kennedy Lynn in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
A surprise proposal at Allen Stone's concert at Majestic Theater in Detroit, Michigan.
Christmas Novel
Poinsettia Ivy
Cosplayer Rachel (@raygreycospay) as Poinsettia Ivy
Rainbow City Roller Rink
A session with dancer Kristen Ohryn at the Rainbow City Roller Rink created by artist Sam & Tury (Friendswithyou)/
Portrait Session with Somme
A session with artist Somme
Session with Yoshi Flowers
Portrait Session with artist Yoshi Flowers
Session with Max Kerman
Portrait Session with Max Kerman, frontman of the Canadian Rock group Arkells.
Broken Doll Nightmare
Dance in Color
Daughter of the Deer Spirit
Session with Stef Chura
Portrait Session with Artist Stef Chura
Summer Festival
Fashion for Festivals
Carnival Couple
Motor City
Paper Lantern Festival
Grad Photos
Ypsilanti Auto Museum
Carousel Waltz
Eastern Market
Museum of Contemporary Arts
Garden Bowl
Cactus fields
The Jungle
Arcade Throwback
Museum of Modern Art
Kerrytown, Ann Arbor
Detroit Hubday
Detroit Floral
Ready Player One
The Hub Recap
Urban Society
The Study of Exploitation
Evergreen terrarium
Reflection in Yellow
Gander at the Michiganders
Portrait session with Michigan band Michiganders
Flint Eastwood Pop up Shop
Portrait session with Flint Eastwood
City vibes
Chilly Novemember
Falling into fall
Neon Lights
Risen Sun
Ann Arbor
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